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Executive search trends: question, learn and build

These are some of the attitudes necessary to create a possible agenda for the future


Deconstructing certain patterns or symbols is something that (fortunately) has been growing in our society. This is healthy since questioning leads us to do things differently, to have new ideas, to improve and move forward. In such a new times, we ask ourselves about the meaning of the famous list of intentions: in this dynamic times, is it possible to make a trends agenda for the future?

Far from having unique answers to such broad questions, we understand that it is always possible to learn from symbols and traditions, even from the overused goal lists we create. And one of these lessons consists of a powerful action: the act of exercising planning.

Adriana Prates is CEO of Dasein EMA Partners Brazil.

According to Dasein EMA Partners Brazil CEO Adriana Prates, the exercise of imagining or creating the future will give consistency to decisions that will need to be made amid adverse and unpredictable situations. “It is necessary to always think about the unpredictable, and this initiative creates a movement of flexibility for long-term planning management – something essential for businesses to evolve and transform.”

In addition, she emphasizes that it is very important to be aware of what is happening today and the economic, political, and cultural scenarios – “it is a way to organize ourselves so that we are less vulnerable to factors that we cannot control.”

Reflect on the present to build the future

As part of this exercise, Adriana Prates recommends reflecting on the past year, recognizing what worked, what the person would like to change, and how to do it. “We need to be aware that we are responsible for our choices and that the sum of these decisions forms our lives. If we want different results, we have to act differently, no matter how challenging it may be. From there, we can identify which direction we want to go and direct our purposes.”

The executive understands that setting goals is not negative, as long as the goals are realistic and achievable. “It is essential to have priorities and think about which activities you want to dedicate your time to. From there, you must have persistence to act, consistency and constancy to maintain what worked in the previous year.”

A possible agenda for 2023

Even in times marked by uncertainty, Adriana believes it is important to think about an agenda that includes the changes taking place in different areas and how this may interfere with your work environment in the future.

“Professionals must have the necessary resources and knowledge to deal with the transformations that will come. Use technology as an ally in people and process management. Broaden your view on new collaborators – these people have an innovative, proactive mindset and seek to deconstruct old patterns. As imponderable as the future may be, I have no doubt about the importance of attitudes like these, which have a strong connection with topics related to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility, important themes within ESG.”

Movements that promise to stand out next year

In the world executive radar, certain movements are promising to gain prominence in 2023. In the behavioral field, the power of modesty to lead – admitting mistakes and being open to learning – is gaining strength, according to research from Ohio State University. Among executive profiles, the return of professionals over 60 to the market may be a trend next year, according to a series of articles in the English newspaper Financial Times.

For Adriana Prates, modesty in leadership is gaining more strength every day. “I am convinced that successful leaders need to be humble, modest, open to learning, and accept that they will make mistakes,” emphasizes Adriana Prates. The study also shows a direct relationship between humble leadership and a greater propensity for teams to share knowledge and contribute to a psychologically healthier and safer work environment. For her, it is much easier to build good relationships, have good communication, and generate team engagement when the leader is open and accessible to people. “The greater the executives’ ability to accept their own and others’ imperfections, the better their ability to deal with mistakes and create connections among workers in a company.”

The return of professionals over 60 years old to companies is catching the attention of the executive world. Known as “unretirement,” this change is related to increased longevity, the need to generate income, and the desire to socialize. According to the executive, there is much to be gained from this trend, as this group can contribute significantly to the work environment.

“People over 60 offer a different perspective and worldview from young talents, which creates something positive, which is intellectual and age diversity. In addition, they have more qualified performance and bring very interesting learnings to be disseminated among younger people, thus creating a permanent cycle of growth for everyone.”

According to her, with maturity, people develop skills such as reflection, wisdom, greater balance, and very relevant technical trajectories. “The trend is for these people to be more receptive and have more centered, responsible, prudent profiles, and be better able to deal with pressure and loss situations. The combination of the performance of younger professionals with older ones also contributes significantly to a reduction in toxic competitiveness, making the work climate healthier, more respectful, and based on collaborative relationships.”

To leadership, an invitation to reflection

How can leadership improve their performance in 2023? Through questions related to executive world trends, Dasein | EMA Partners Brazil CEO Adriana Prates invites to reflection:

1-How can we stimulate the development of independence and autonomy so that people on our team decide what is best for their lives?
2-In what ways can we expand our understanding of each person individually, acting empathetically and building paths so that collectivity is benefited?
3-How can we be unique and authentic on a planet that nullifies diversity?
4-Is it possible to promote actions in defense of the singular, diverse, and different in our routine?


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