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New research highlights diversity trends

Global AESC study reveals diversity and inclusion as competitive advantage


Leading companies worldwide are turning diversity and inclusion initiatives into a competitive advantage. This is evident in the new study titled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Creating competitive advantage through fairness, inclusion and belonging,” conducted by AESC, the primary global representative entity for executive search and leadership development firms.

The study, involving 52 leaders from executive search consultancies, including Dasein, and 1,300 leaders worldwide, provides a comprehensive examination of the diversity, inclusion, and equity landscape. It also offers an 8-step guide for implementing changes in your company, focusing on social responsibility and sustainability.

Ensuring Emotional Safety in the Workplace is a Highly Impactful Initiative

Among the numerous corporate practices supporting diversity and inclusion, the recent AESC research identified those with the most positive impact on teams and outcomes for companies. Ensuring emotional safety in the workplace and in relationships between leaders and their teams is among the most successful actions. Additionally, companies with leaders publicly committed to the cause and who invest in programs transparently communicating their efforts for diversity and inclusion gain a competitive edge.

Click here to read the study.



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