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“The world is not as it is, but how we see it”



Creating the habit of questioning old archetypes, comfortable behaviours and common-sense points of view is transformative and can result in extraordinary results, in all areas of life. It’s a form of opening oneself to new possibilities, of understanding differences and accepting the other without the ties of a past that insists on being present. This scenario, one must admit, is very distant from the reality of women, above all when the subject is business leadership.

A recently published study by McKinsey in partnership with the NGO Lean In (founded by Sheryl Sanderb, director of operations at Facebook) shows that women lose ground within companies the higher they rise within the hierarchy. The study, which listened to 34 thousand employees from 132 companies throughout the world, reveals that only 19% of executive positions are filled by women. The analysis further highlights that men have double the chance of securing a management position and this advantage triples for top-level positions, such as president or board member.

Krista Walochik overcame these barriers with distinction. The Talengo founder and president of the TGCL – The Global Community for Leaders was elected one of the 100 most important entrepreneurs in Spain and is one of the most important global leaders in the executive search area. According to her, she is driven to create new realities for professionals that want to make a difference in their surroundings. Get inspired, next, an exclusive interview with the leader:

Confidentiality and assertiveness are fundamental in a high-quality recruitment process. In addition to these, what other attributes should and Executive Search consultancy have?

Market knowledge, business and strategic advisory, empathy for aligning all stakeholders (candidates, clients, members of Boards).

What is your view of the world Executive Search market given that large corporations are increasingly investing in their internal capacity to recruit executives? This is one of the main challenges facing Executive Search consultants. Do you see any other challenges?

There are situations when companies must go external, in general, any searches at C-suite level and Board directors:

Confidential searches, where someone is being replaced; International searches, which market knowledge is required multiple locations; diverse searches which require targeting multiple sources of candidates; Board-level searches.

Global turnover for the Executive Search market was over US$11 billion in 2015.Do you envisage this will improve in 2016? Which sectors should receive more attention?

The market will grow at a stable rate, with demands in the areas of manufacturing, health care and digital roles.

What are the current trends in Leadership Consulting services considering the needs of Brazilian executives?

Evaluation of leadership capabilities in processes of downsizing, differentiation, and engagement. Assessment of digital capabilities. Succession planning and risk management.

What are expectations in regards to TGCL beginning work in Brazil via its exclusive partnership with Dasein? Please explain how this partnership came about.

We met Dasein as active members of the international Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) and respect their two decades of consultancy and search proweress. Dasein´s Chairwoman and Founder embodies the spirit of TGCL as an expert advisor and guru in Leadership.

What strengths does TGCL have in relation to other strategic partnerships that exist around the world?

TGCL is unique in that all of its partners qualify as AESC members; we all offer a breadth of leadership advisory services ranging from Executive Search to Assessment, Development and Board Advisory; and the joint forces of the member firms provide a framework for leadership consultancy across our markets at the highest level.

What advantages can clients gain from doing business with consultancies associated with TGCL?

The breadth of market knowledge internationally, sector expertise, and best-in-class leadership advisory services, delivered by a knowledgeable, respected and expert local partner.

Please tell us a little about your professional trajectory. What skills took you to the top of renowned companies such as Talengo and the presidency of TGCL?

I was trained in one of the best management consultancy frameworks at KPMG, and this advisory capability has been key to my own career as well as to Talengo and TGCL´s position. A year ago, I was named one of Spain´s top 100 women in the category of Entrepreneurs:  Creating new business propositions and service offerings has been a common thread in my career, as well as risk-taking and corporate development. Finally, I have had the honor to serve on private and quoted boards, and this Corporate Governance experience is key to what we do at TGCL.

Are there any people that currently inspire you? Why?

Several! The founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, is a model of game-changing innovation and value creation, as well as a socially responsible leader. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is an inspirational figure basing his governance on inclusion of the diversity of his great country. Meryl Streep, one of the best most chameleonic actresses ever, is a vibrant success story and challenge to Hollywood´s churn of women who reach a certain age in favor of younger artists.

Please cite a phrase or learning that you constantly recall.

“The world isn´t as it is; it´s as we see it”. Anaïs Nin.



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