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What it is


People are surely the main assets of any Company. Decisions involving people must be as carefully analyzed and evaluated as any strategic, operational, or financial decision. Our Assessment and Succession solutions effectively demonstrate how to make transitions and define paths, so the right people are working in the right positions at the ideal moment. That is how an individual’s possibilities start to generate value for the teams mindset and performance. A sustained and invaluable search angled towards the Organization’s success, using a clear and strategic vision of the team’s potential as one of its main tools.


  • Meetings to fully understand the needs, context, and expectations.
  • Presentation of customized solutions.
  • The implementation of the previously strategies.
  • Measurement of results and follow-up.


More than ever, it is a strategic benefit to identify competences and understand the human capabilities that reside in a company. From then on, it is possible to start an analysis of potential that can effectively help each company in relevant decision making, both for the individual and the organization. To guarantee that all needs are met, we have, over these past 25 years, developed research techniques and applied scientific methods which, in combination with our experience and knowledge, have enabled us to help companies and people to reach their goals. For these reasons, the results of the Assessment and Succession Projects have been validated over more than two decades for their high levels of predictability, accuracy, and impact.




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