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Understanding each individual in their context of transformation, possibilities, and evolution is the primary motivation of Dasein, a specialized executive recruitment and leadership development consultancy.

Through science and a human-centered approach, we have been developing exclusive methodologies since 1995,enabling both companies and individuals to unlock their full potential.

  • Over 6.500 executives and mid-to-senior management professionals hired.
  • A satisfaction rate of over 98% among both companies and professionals.
  • Over 350,000 assessments of mid-to-senior management professionals conducted.
  • Over 1,350 leaders developed through coaching and mentoring programs.
  • Over 25 years of experience in the key industry sectors and the market.

International certification

A company acting independently, internationally recognized, and with certified excellence.



Global Footprint

With a well-established national presence, in 2022, we joined EMA Partners, one of the most significant executive recruitment groups in the world, with a presence on all five continents and over 40 offices in 30 countries.


National Presence

Now more than ever, we reaffirm the premise that physical presence is not a determining factor for being present. Always looking ahead, we have amplified our thoughts and our networking procedures, based on a consistent and agile structure, with decisive results. We have been operating in the different regions of Brazil for a long time. With a strong presence in the North and Central-West regions and an expanding operations in the Northeast, Dasein grows and moves foreward towards new possibilities and amplifies its national presence, ensuring that other regions of the country recieve the same quality service as our in-person projects.

  1. 01. Operations in all Brazilian states
  2. 02. Operations in the main sectors of the economy
  3. 03. Senior consultants in every region of the country

Executive Board

Adriana Prates

President and Founder of Dasein Executive Search. More information
Equipe: Adriana Prates

Daniel Rezende

Director of Dasein Executive Search. More information
Equipe: Daniel Rezende

Our Story

Of our history, the vigor of inception, the seed.

The choice of the name Dasein is about much more that the way we present ourselves. Dasein is a concept, it is purposeful essence, it is the belief that stays present and renews itself along our narrative.

Dasein, from the German [‘da:zein], leads us to rich and fruitful meanings, such as “existence” and “presence” in its most literal translations. Furthermore, “Dasein” is the main term in Martin Heidegger’s philosophy of Existentialism. And “Being” is the English translation of the German term “Dasein”, which is used in philosophical contexts as a synonym for “living being”.

More about our story

Dasein Manifest

There are all organizations. And there is your company.
There are all the opportunities. And there is your future.
There are all the possibilities. And there is your choice.
There is everyone. And there is you.

In an endless of possibilities, I embrace the challenge of casting light over the potential that resides in each situation, in each company, in each human being.

I pulse for the exactness of science and that which is most humane renews me.

I am the bridge, I co-create routes, shorten paths. Moves and inspires me the genuine vocation of being the connection between wishes and reality, between plans and execution, between possibilities and people...

Read the full manifest


We believe in decisive partnerships and quality interactions as a way to maintain an integral and healthy community. If you are in search of corporate solutions, get in touch with us. It will be a pleasure to contribute to the growth and success of your company and your team.



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