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Executivo de Valor Award Announces 2022 Winners

For 12 years, Dasein has participated as a judge in the Executivo de Valor Award, the most important executive award in Brazil


Lead by example. This is a feature common to the winners of the 2022 Executivo de Valor Award – the main initiative in recognition of the work of leaders who make a difference in the management of people and companies.

In this edition, 24 managers were recognized for their skills in leading organizations and teams throughout 2021, a year marked by the impacts of the pandemic. The awards included 19 sectors of the economy and also five categories: chairman of the board, young leadership, social activism, digital transformation and successful startup.

Adriana Prates is CEO of Dasein and advisor for Diversity and Inclusion at AESC.

For Dasein CEO Adriana Prates, who has participated as a juror in the Executivo de Valor Award for 12 years, this edition was symbolic in rewarding professionals who represent the advantages of diversity in the corporate environment. “In a country with historical social problems, it is not an easy task to promote equity in practice. It takes a huge effort from leaders and the Executivo de Valor Award recognized this effort.”

According to her, it was also inspiring to witness a 77-year-old executive receive an award at the height of his career, as well as to see the brilliant results achieved by a young woman in her 30s.

Another remarkable fact was the recognition of the rise of women in high leadership positions. “Eight women were awarded, which is a very important advance. We have a lot to build, but with struggle and optimism we will move in the right direction.”

“All of this year’s recipients lead by example and show that it is possible to have more diverse environments. This is the best way to inspire the new generation of professionals and, in the future, we can count on better and better companies for their teams and for society.”

Meet the winners of the Executivo de Valor Award below:

Alexandre Birman – Arezzo & Co – Fashion Industry

André Clark – Siemens Energy for Latin America – Machinery and Equipment

André Dias – Nutrien for Latin America – Agribusiness

Andrea Salgueiro Cruz Lima – Whirlpool Brazil – Consumer Goods

Antonio Joaquim de Oliveira – Dexco – Construction Industry

Cristina Junqueira – Nubank – Financial Services

Daniela Manique – Solvay- Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Eduardo Giestas – AHI – Services

Fabien Mendez – Loggi – Digital Services

Fábio Zanfelice – Auren Energia – Energy

Fernando Yunes – Mercado Livre in Brazil – Commerce

Francisco Gomes Neto – Embraer – Vehicles and Parts

Gustavo Werneck – Gerdau – Mining, Metallurgy and Steel

Jeane Tsutsui – Fleury – Health and Pharmaceutical Industry

João Alberto de Abreu – Rumo – Logistics and Transport

Marcelo Bueno – Ânima – Education

Tânia Cosentino – Microsoft Brazil – IT & Telecom

Teresa Vernaglia – BRK Ambiental – Infrastructure

Walter Schalka – Suzano – Paper, Cardboard and Cellulose

Highlights of the 2022 edition in a company, NGO or startup

Eduardo Lyra – Gerando Falcões – Social Activism
Carolina Utimura –  Eureca – Young Leadership
Frederico Trajano – Magazine Luiza – Digital Transformation
Alexandre Gonçalves Silva – Embraer – Chairman of the Board
Mariana Ramos Dias –  Gupy – Successful Startup



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