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What it is


Directed exclusively at professionals in positions of strategic relevance, Dasein’s approach is structured around the use of a set of tools that aim to maximize and enhance the intended results regardless of rank. The development and transformation of professionals into leaders requires a significant step-change and proper guidance, grounded in autonomy and self-awareness. This includes everything from the way each leader manages himself to the way he interacts with subordinates, peers, superiors, and, as they finally realize, the way they influence and relate to the corporate community as a whole. Dasein has developed and validated original methods that have their foundation in Management, Business and Corporate Strategy principles. Dasein expects to contribute specific interventions which generate short and medium-term impact on the issues and work objectives lain out as a starting point for broad and transformative action.


  • Meetings to understand needs, context, and expectations.
  • Presentation of customized solutions.
  • Implementation of pre-defined strategies.
  • Result measurement and follow-up.


After identifying and encouraging their individual potential with the new perspective brought about by the learning process, the professional will normally start to see the individual potential of each member of their team in a broader way, and consequently allow for individual differentials to be transformed into collective differentials. From this point, the leader will be prepared to develop new ways of understanding and taking action within their environment, influencing a larger number of people: peers, superiors, or subordinates. The goal of each solution and project is to accelerate the process of self-knowledge and personal and professional development in the participant, with performance gains, a stronger cohesion with the work environment and sustainability for these transformation vectors.




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