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Dasein | EMA Partners Brazil

On the global leadership map

Dasein joins forces with one of the most renowned executive search and leadership development groups in the world: EMA Partners


There are several factors that motivate the internationalization of a service or product. Achieving a prominent position in the market and establishing a sustainable business model are crucial points, for example. With these attributes, combined with proven generation of value for stakeholders, Dasein expands its borders to over 30 countries on completing 27 years of operation.

As of this month, the consulting company, founded in September 1995 in Belo Horizonte (MG), has become a partner of one of the largest international executive search groups: EMA Partners, headquartered in England. Established in the world’s main business centers since 1988, “the organization is recognized for reaching the state of the art in executive search and leadership consulting services”, emphasizes Dasein’s CEO, Adriana Prates.

“The process of analyzing this new opportunity began a few months ago and resulted in a very rich review of processes and business for all involved, both for our team and for EMA’s vice president, Philippe Eyer, who visited our headquarters. On August 31, we made the partnership official, which made this date a milestone, as we expanded our service potential, which is now global.”

Gains for the Brazilian executive sector

According to Adriana Prates, the new consulting firm Dasein | EMA Partners Brazil will bring a strong increase in innovations and technologies for the sector, contributing with the anticipation of scenarios and strategic guidance to customers. “Besides the exchange of experiences and direct access to practices that are examples of the segment in the world, we will offer the head offices of companies around the world the same quality that we already offer to their branches in Brazil.”

In the same way, EMA Partners can now count on Dasein’s standards of excellence when providing services to its clients in Brazil. “We will also contribute to attracting new business to Brazil, considering our international competitiveness, and targeting foreign companies that are already in the country, but want to expand their business.”

According to Dasein’s director, Daniel Rezende, joining EMA Partners, one of the leading global executive search and leadership consulting firms, is yet another goal achieved. “Being part of this group, which has more than 30 years of history and is active in all industrial sectors, will help us exceed our clients’ expectations with dedication, focus and passion. Dasein | EMA Partners Brazil has values that promote trust, honesty and open communication with clients and professional excellence through the highest degree of self-integrity.”

EMA in Brazil: recognition from the recruitment industry

In 2021, the main executive search consultancy firms operating in Brazil had an average growth rate above 40%, a sign of the sector’s strong importance for the evolution of companies and people. According to Adriana Prates, this growth reflects a market that has matured and become more professionalized.

“The requirements of the compliance sector, associated with the necessary ESG practices, push companies to take executive recruiting seriously. There is less room for hiring professionals who are not prepared and engaged to lead in such uncertain times. The more professionalized a company’s management model is, the more concerned it will be to have as a partner companies like EMA Partners Brazil | Dasein Executive Search that stand out for their ethics, modernity, openness, humanized service and appreciation of life.”

The entry of EMA Partners in Brazil, through the partnership with Dasein, represents new business possibilities with offices established in more than 30 countries. “Dasein now has unrestricted access to the global market, contributing to EMA’s growth while at the same time multiplying its own expansion opportunities. It is the right opportunity at the right time. We have always prepared for this moment. The day has arrived and it has arrived in great style,” underlines Prates.

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27 years of Dasein: seven milestones that tell the story of the company

 Opening headquarters in 1999. After only four years, Dasein built a personalized office, able to carry out its work with all the necessary confidentiality. Through an avant-garde architectural project, the comfort, ergonomics and safety of the team were prioritized. These factors improved the quality of life of the team, visitors and clients.

From specialized recruitment to executive search. In 2004, Dasein was growing consistently and working on projects from analysts to directors, but the objective was to change levels, to evolve from specialized recruiting to the complex scenario of Executive Search services in Brazil. Significant changes were made such as giving up important clients, bringing in a more senior team, hiring a top consulting firm for both management and processes. Investments were high and inputs were sharply reduced. “We had to be brave, bold and patient for the strategy to become robust to the point of materialization. Our processes went through a strong technical and technological evolution, we faced changes in almost all our customers. Between the time of planting and harvesting, there was a period of fear, but persisting in this direction proved to us, after two years, that the decision to be an executive search company and its unfoldings was Dasein’s real vocation. To take a step back in order to move forward several steps after a very challenging period. It’s necessary to take calculated risks and bet manyfold on the vision of the future and on intuition”, emphasizes Adriana Prates.

AESC International Certification. In 2009, we sought certification from the best and largest global association for executive search and development services for top leaders, AESC, present in over 70 countries. The goal was to have access to the best tools and standards of excellence in the world, to contribute to our evolution and leading-edge positioning. The process was extremely rigorous and at the end of a year Dasein was approved. “Since then, we have adhered to the standards of excellence in our segment, always being a few steps ahead of our competitors, being an effective solution to contribute to the continuous growth of our customers,” reports Adriana Prates.

Certification came in 2010 and, since then, besides assimilating and adopting the industry’s best practices, Dasein has also contributed as an AESC advisor. The company spent six years in the Americas Council and currently is part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council for Latin America. “We are actively working to increase the number and strength of women in top management and board positions in the largest Brazilian organizations. Another guideline that we adhere to in a very direct way is the fight against ageism. For Dasein, a person only needs to stop working when they no longer want to or are no longer able to contribute to the evolution of people and organizations.”

Partnership with renowned leader Lee Ellis. In 2013, Dasein brought American writer and guru Lee Ellis to Brazil for the first time for a series of events celebrating the company’s 18th anniversary. According to Prates, “from this relationship a strong friendship and a great business partnership was born, in which we are the only consultancy outside the United States to be certified in the LBDNA assessment methodology, focused on the individual development of leaders and the composition of high-performance teams.”

Rebranding and communication channels. In 2020, Dasein hired one of the greatest brand specialists in Brazil, Thiago Colares, with the objective of reviewing the concepts of branding and market positioning. “We understood that we needed to change our relationship with our customers and community. From a deep diagnosis we launched the new brand, graphic concept, new communication channels with the capacity to dialogue face to face with all the publics of the most varied tribes, ages, opinions and vocations. A new Dasein was born that has deep respect for history, for the past, but that does not renounce the technological and procedural innovations that the new economy requires.”

Focus on ESG. In 2021, Dasein began regulations to adjust to ESG. “We have further professionalized our Board of Directors, with three independent directors, started annual audits and are in a deep process of adapting to all GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, modernizing the company in all spheres. Another aspect was the digitalization and official launch of our own methodology in order to provide all the necessary support to our clients’ Career & Succession programs. We launched the unprecedented product in the market, the D.East©, the most powerful tool in order to understand and develop the human potential for social transformation and fulfillment that it carries in its genesis,” stresses Prates.

Internationalization with Dasein | EMA Partners Brazil. The consultancy becomes part of one of the largest executive search groups in the world. As partners of EMA Partners, Dasein’s presence covers the 5 continents, more than 40 offices spread over 30 countries and exchanges with more than 200 senior consultants in order to serve customers in a local, global and fully customized manner.


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