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Dasein announces its partnership with TGCL – The Global Community for Leaders

Question the status-quo, have the sensibility to understand the needs of a world in transition and realise that yesterday’s solutions are not applicable to the problems of today. To help companies reach their targets, one must be bold, be at the vanguard, put oneself in the others’ shoes, understand what goes through the client’s head, and create solutions that surpass expectations. TGCL – The Global Community for Leaders was born out of these ideas. It is an international group that comprises the world’s most prestigious and innovative independent consultancies in the fields of executive search and leadership consulting. In November 2016, Dasein is joining forces with the group and shall now command its activities in Brazil and other countries of the Americas.

Based in Madrid, TGCL was founded by business people with a strong history in the global market of consultancy dedicated to the search and development of senior-management executives. At the vanguard of research on executive search, talent & culture diagnostics, leadership development and board services, the group offers solutions and the necessary support for the development of new leaders and bold people management models which are aligned with modern day challenges, covering a significant gap in the training and preparation of new leaders for the era of the most diverse types of businesses.

TGCL founders include Krista Walochik, president of the spanish consultancy firm Talengo; Albert Hiribarrondo, founder of Alspective, which is present in France, Switzerland and Tunisia; and Paul Cook, the English president of the Alderbroooke Group, which is present throughout Europe. With significant international coverage, these consultancies serve countries such as Switzerland, the UAE, Colombia, and Mexico, in addition to those previously cited above.

According to TGCL president, Krista Walochik, the group has access to the best services in executive selection, board advisory, and leadership and organizational development. “The group is comprised of offices that offer a wide range of leadership consultancy services, which include executive search, assessments, development and consultancy, for the most important leaders of a system or organization”, she highlights.

The leader also points out that with the founding companies of TGCL – Alderbrooke, Alspective, Dasein and Talengo – joining forces, this guarantees an excellent structure for leadership consultancy at the highest level in all of their markets.  She also underlines her enormous respect for Dasein Executive Search’s two decades of excellence in consultancy and executive-search services. “Its president and founder, Adriana Prates, embodies the spirit of TGCL as an experienced consultant and leadership guru”.

An additional strength of the international group, as highlighted by Krista and the vice-president of TGCL, Albert Hiribarrondo, is the seal of approval from the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultant (AESC): the sector’s principal global association. Founded in 1959 in New York, the entity is currently present in 75 countries and is recognised for the high-quality it demands of its member companies. The founding companies of the The Global Community for Leaders are all certified by the AESC.

Hiribarrondo, who is also the founder of the French company Alspective, points out that in Brazil, there are few organizations that can compare to Dasein. “It’s a company which is internationally recognised in the field of executive search and leadership consultancy. I only trust Dasein to recommend to my clients for any demand in Brazilian territory”, he states. “We serve our executives and directors well in the countries where we work. However, to do this in other countries, you have to have a lot of trust, and I have total confidence in Adriana Prates and her team. My expectations with regards to our partnership are very high”.

According to Adriana Prates, being a part of TGCL will have a huge impact on Dasein, above all in terms of global geographic coverage, a situation which will enable many projects to be executed from Brazil with greater efficiency, speed and quality. Another aspect that the leader stresses is the ability for Dasein to expand into new business segments, as a result of all the experience and specialist services made available by the network’s members. “Some of them have been providing assured and valid solutions in executive search and board advisory services, as well as leadership and organizational development, for more than 40 years.

TGCL Paris Global Meeting: The Foundation, For All

To officialise and celebrate the partnership between the founding offices of the TGCL and discuss the main trends for the business leadership sector, the “1st Global Meeting of The Global Community for Leaders – The Foundation, For All” will take place in Paris on the 17th and 18th November. This will be the first world meeting of the group. The ceremony will welcome the main leaders and executives of Dasein, Talengo, Alspective and the Alderbrooke Group.

According to the vice-president of the TGCL and host of the ceremony, Albert Hiribarrondo, the meeting in the French capital will be a milestone for the executive search field of the AESC. “We will focus on our decades of experience, however, we will also discuss ways of exceeding what is already an outstanding consultancy service.  Board services, leadership index, cultural scope, strategy and diversity are some of the special themes that will be discussed”, he highlights.

Hiribarrondo points out that the vision of The Global Community for Leaders’ founders is already clear for 2016. We are the founders. The event in Paris will ensure that this vision endures in all countries and participants for a very long time”, he underlines.

Executive search around the world

The turnover of the international executive-search market was approximately U$11 billion last year.  It’s a considerable amount, particularly if you consider the fragile context of the global economy and the increasing competition driven by advances in technology. How does one therefore explain the solidity of a sector that has managed to stand out even in badly-hit markets? One answer is to consider the value of the knowledge acquired and the ability to provide big-impact solutions and answers that help companies to meet their objectives.

However, there are few companies that manage to reach this level of expertise and remain in such a select sector. According to Adriana Prates, president of Dasein, the world is becoming increasingly complex, diverse and controversial. To stand out in this context, it’s necessary to have well-engrained intercultural skills based on a daily relationship with practices, challenges and very specific requirements. “The type of relationship that we have with our partners boosts our capacity to propose solutions which are big in impact, easy to apply, and have a wide reach”, she says.

According to her, being part of the The Global Community for Leaders will enrich Dasein’s work and client deliveries according to the extent with which this union strengthens its ties with the main and most innovative world leadership models. “The member offices are going to share solutions in technology, methodologies, management models, and services which have often just been launched in some region in the world”. This approach to sharing will also ensure that the relationship maintained with Dasein is high-quality. “It creates a natural benchmarking in which local knowledge definitively grows as a result of the global knowledge that the association makes available to all of our clients”.



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