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Interview with Alberto Miranda, chairman of EMA Partners

“The main stakeholder of any company is human capital”


In recent years we have witnessed the power that global companies have to influence good management practices, new habits and changes in society. But what is behind these organizations? The right leaders. They are the ones who lead the most important transformations in cultures and teams, who question the “status quo”, and who, many times, generate changes so significant in their organizations that they inspire much of the world.

And none of this would be possible without the precise choice of these executives. This is exactly where EMA Partners, one of the world’s leading executive search and leadership development groups, operates. At the heart of its work is the assessment, recruitment, and development of talent capable and prepared to lead a world in constant redefinition.

To discuss EMA’s work in detail and its launch in Brazil, through the union with Dasein, we interviewed Alberto Miranda, chairman of the company and one of the main names in executive search worldwide.

Alberto Miranda is chairman of EMA Partners.

With 30 years of operation and over 40 offices worldwide, EMA Partners is considered one of the main global groups in executive search and leadership advisory. How will EMA’s experience, added to Dasein’s expertise, contribute to the evolution of companies and leadership in the Brazilian market?

EMA PARTNERS has more than thirty years of experience giving talent solutions to different type of companies. Brazil is an important market for us because of its potential and leadership in the region. We are sure that Dasein expertise will help us to increase synergies with other partners in Latin America and around the globe.

According to the “Leadership for the decade of action” survey conducted by the UN Global Compact, 92% of the CEOs of global companies believe that sustainability is a critical factor for business success. However, only 48% work in this direction. What is needed for sustainability to move from discourse to practical action? And how can executive search and leadership advisory help in this process?

Sustainability is already in the top of mind of every leading company. Certainly there is too much to do and enterprises are looking forward to leverage strategies in this way. Sustainability is much more than taking care of the earth. Sustainability is talking about circular economy to make the most of the material resources available to us. Sustainability is also taking care of the main stakeholders. And please, don’t forget the main stakeholder of any company is the human capital. Many times we focus our efforts on easy slogans and we forget that taking care of our team, taking care of our people is our first responsibility.

Following the rise of the ESG agenda, the sustainable and humanized leadership style is gaining more and more weight in Brazilian companies. Considered a global trend, do you observe the gains that companies from other countries have with this leadership style? What examples could you share with our executives?

Talking about leadership in global markets, it is talking about diversity. The human capital is enriched with managers adding international experience. Companies are looking for international talent. Frontiers disappear when we talk about talent. There is a clear need of an inclusive leadership, open to different professional experiences in different environments. Flexibility and ability to manage uncertainty is a must. Markets conditions change easily and we need managers  that can drive under these scenarios.

Having diverse leadership, including women, black people and other minorities, is a goal in the world’s leading companies. In Brazil it is no different, but due to historical social problems, it is not easy to bring to the top management selection process suitable professionals who represent minorities. How can the new partnership between Dasein and EMA Partners bring gains to companies in this regard?

Helping companies to increase their talent is one of our responsibilities. We really believe in diversity.  We try to identify the most qualified talent by searching and assessing without bias methodologies. This is the way, although some times our clients don’t have the same vision and they have not the same approach. It doesn’t matter the age, country origin, color or sex, we try to focus on talent. So simple and so difficult many times.

Executive search strategist, you are internationally recognized for your competence. Tell us a little about your professional trajectory, teachings and challenges faced that were important to reach the top at EMA Partners.

I have more than twenty five years of experience in executive search. My mentors were founder members of EMA PARTNERS in 1988. I am member of EMA PARTNERS Executive Committee since 2010 and global chairman since 2017. I try to serve my firm in the best way as I can. I have learnt a lot from my colleagues. Patience, optimism and business focus is crucial.  I have enhanced my capacity to listen other points of views, enriching, in that way, my own vision. We are really a diverse organization, different cultures, different markets, different experiences, men, women, young talent and experienced professionals. Diverse organization sharing common values as commitment, honesty and excellence. And last point very important for me and I would say for every one: Try to enjoy with your role. If you are not able to do it, maybe you need a change!




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