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Eyes on a world in transition

As a councillor on the board of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) Council of the Americas, I was recently in Chicago (USA) to attend the Boutique and Independent Firm Forum – an international event promoted by the association. As usual, the event gave us the opportunity to share valuable global trends for the segment with the best independent offices from around the world. Trends that indicate a rise in specialist consultancy services, in preparation and support for leaders so they can effectively contribute to the growth of their companies and teams. These services will offer complete solutions, which involve the improvement of behavioural competences as well as new technical and digital skills, which will ensure they are in a better position to handle a world in transition, with increasingly complex challenges.

Amongst various multicultural experiences, one aspect that attracted my attention is the importance of inclusion. More than a strong trend, it’s a reality. Companies are now more concerned about the integration of professionals with different cultures, expectations and opinions. There is an increase in actions that strengthen female leadership, enabling women to reach the top and supporting them in family matters so that they can balance their careers with their children’s education. Managing in a personalised manner, considering the needs of each group, will ensure that diversity is represented consistently throughout corporations. Companies with this type of people management policy will find it easier to attract and retain the best talents.

Discussions about the absence of borders, mobility and the need for working together with important partners in other countries also grabbed my attention. Together we can combine our experience and increase the efficiency of our services and operational excellence. I would also highlight the return to pragmatism and a greater valorisation of specialists. Executives with a Master’s degree or Doctorate are now strongly sought after by companies at the exploration and economic feasibility study phase of their projects; a phase that precedes the initiation of a more complex operation.

Professionals from the United States, Canada and Latin America shared experiences, which underlined the importance of reconciling an entire chain which comprises organization, executive education, technology, and relationships with environment and society. Informed consumers are increasing their level of demand and want to understand the processes better, the origins of raw materials, and whether the company respects the supply chain. Research highlights that when companies concentrate on growing sustainably, investing in technology that reduces environmental damage, they show greater prosperity and longevity.

Dasein supports these values. We were born with the firm intention of participating in the transformations of society and playing an important role in supporting the main decision-makers of organizations. We understand the need to stimulate them to consider all these global and multicultural aspects, helping them to reconcile profitability with the the company’s social contribution.

*Adriana Prates is the president of Dasein Executive Search and a councillor on the board of the AESC Council of the Americas



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