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Dasein celebrates 21 years of tradition in the executive market

Confidentiality, reliability, assuredness. These are some of the requirements that have contributed to the continuity of a consultancy whose mission is to defend its clients’ objectives, whether through executive search services, board advisory or the management of an organization’s talent. But one must go further to stand out in a highly competitive and global sector. After all, the best candidates for a strategic position or high-level management don’t take unnecessary risks, even less so the companies that constantly search for the best leaders.

Commemorating its 21st anniversary in September, 2016, Dasein is part of a select group of consultancies from around the world to be certified by the AESC as it has achieved practically 100% assertiveness and effectiveness over the last 10 years – it filled more than 2300 executive positions for various regions around Brazil – in relation to the important indicator that is the full adaptation and continuity of the engagement of executives at the hiring companies, generating mutual benefits.

According to the president of Dasein, Adriana Prates, this fact is related to the principles and foundations of the consultancy, which has carried out customised assessments in all types of recruitment projects since it was founded. This involves focusing on the diversity of the organizational cultures, deeply understanding and knowing the people, their needs, the organizations and their characteristics. “Our accuracy in understanding and diagnosing what our clients really seek enables them to achieve their desired result with greater speed, assuredness and reliability. These factors certainly give us a competitive advantage and strengthen our relationship with our clients”, she says.

In her opinion, knowledge is an additional strength of Dasein and represents the business’s main asset. “When companies hire us, they expect us to work independently and globally, with a strong sense of innovation. After all, we evaluate and develop professionals and executives who have a huge role in defining the success of an organization. These are critical processes that require elaborate, dynamic and competent solutions, and which obtain a return on investment in a very short space of time”.

A member of the world renowned Association of Executive Search Consultants and Leadership Consultant (AESC) – an institution that comprises the most important international executive-search consultancies from 75 countries -, Dasein’s obligation and goal is to surpass its clients’ expectations in a systemic manner. “As a result, this generates long-term relationships that are strengthened by the partnership, which is nourished year after year.  Whether they be partners, part of our team, associates, consultants or friends, we make a point of taking care of every relationship individually.

Achievements and challenges

Celebrating 21 years of history is not only about remembering important achievements, but also big challenges. Dasein started out providing a regional service, then national and subsequently global. “These makes us realise that we created something much greater that the original dream. There is still much to be achieved, but this is a way of using our vulnerability and humility for long-term learning”, she underlines.

Dasein’s portfolio presents the various solutions for executive life, comprising not only the search for new professionals but also assisting them in a systemic way until the company and professional are totally aligned. Dasein also prepares a company’s current professionals in an individual and high-impact approach so that they reach their full potential and are subsequently prepared for the emergence of new growth opportunities within the company.

In order to stick in the values it has always believed in – integrity, loyalty, perseverance, discipline and responsibility – Dasein needed to overcome many obstacles over the years, mainly those linked to the various economic crisis. With a long-term view, the challenges were faced as an opportunity to renew, to leave its comfort zone and practice what it had always preached. “When we take accountability for the adversities that affect us, there is no other choice but to use our efforts and resources appropriately and efficiently”.

Dasein in the words of those who are part of its story

In the opinion of one of the big names of the country’s financial sector, the executive Paulo Ângelo C. Souza, values such as discretion, ethics, confidentiality and humane treatment make Dasein an extremely competent company. “However, the aspect that really underlines its efficiency is its supreme assertiveness”, highlights the leader who is a member of the company’s board. According to him, other principles can be cited, but its assertiveness is a big competitive advantage and can be measured by the significant length of time the professional remains in the position he was chosen for.

The business journalist, Inacia Soares, also insists on exalting her admiration for Dasein. “I have always had the opportunity to get to know companies of all sizes and segments. Some leave a special mark and Dasein is one of them”. In her opinion, Adriana Prates is always attentive to the latest trends. “In each interview, I learn something from her. We definitely never talk about the same thing, but much more of the latest news. A leader that circulates, observes, studies and dares is the best one for any company”. Inácia relates that on several occasions she requested an interview with Adriana and the conversation took place outside of Brazil. “Clients perceive that the company is capable, when the answers are accurate. This is how I see Dasein’s work in the Brazilian corporate sector”, she highlights.

Accountability, transparency and boldness were the values learnt during her time at Dasein and continue to guide the career of AngloGold Ashanti’s head of Human Resources, Roberta Rodrigues Martins. “I had the opportunity to work for 12 years as a consultant, working with companies of different nationalities from various segments.  My time at Dasein provided me with an extensive relationship network which I still enjoy today.” According to her, the company was fundamental to her professional growth and over the course of more than a decade, she acquired a lot of knowledge through working with inspiring people.

She believes that the company was always committed to the quality of the work presented to their clients and demonstrated a constant adventurousness to adopt the latest market innovations and, above all, not be afraid to think differently.  “The company’s name says a lot about its story. Dasein means ‘come to be’. I can honestly say that its success is in large part due to this ‘freshness’ that the company still retains after 21 years and its belief in the development of human beings and organizations,



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