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About our history, the energy of beginnings, the seed.

The choice of the name Dasein is about much more than the way we present ourselves.

Dasein is a concept, it is purposeful essence, it is the belief that stays present and renews itself along our narrative.

Dasein, from German [‘da:zein], leads us to rich and fruitful meanings, such as “existence” and “presence” in its most literal translations. Furthermore, “Dasein” is the main term in Martin Heidegger’s philosophy of Existentialism. And “Being” is the English translation of the German term “Dasein”, which is used in philosophical contexts as a synonym for “living being”.

Concept, philosophical influence, and science: the human being at the center of Dasein.

Built on Heidegger’s idea and understanding of Being as an existing and unfinished individual, who is in a constant process of development, Dasein was founded in 1995.

Heidegger, in his philosophical journey and legacy, revives the concept of Being and presents individuals as the protagonists of their own stories and possibilities. From that perspective, a broader comprehension arises of how this Being influences and is influenced by its surroundings and, in that sense, the individual becomes a constant work in progress.

Dasein is a Being of possibilities, made in the world as it is made by the world, in a dialectical, profound, and powerful relationship.

Understanding each individual in their context of transformation, possibilities, and evolution, has always been Dasein’s biggest motivation in developing exclusive methodologies that allow human beings to perform and live to their full potential. Never finished and always evolving: for a being of possibilities, the possibility of being.

By understanding the professional’s exact level of development and combining that with where the company is situated, Dasein has, over time, been able to develop valid methods to match these two perspectives, of employee and company. That is the way that each professional can offer his or her best to the organization, reducing anxiety levels and significantly increasing the feelings of motivation, sense of achievement and belonging.

Bringing together the variables of the right people, the right places and at the right point in time is a constant challenge of building parameters out of science and human insight, leading us us to methods that have a scientific accuracy. We talk about building bridges between wishes, possibilities, and future prospects, starting from situations in the present and the potential they contain.

The belief in the power of choice and evolution living in every human being, every company, and every story, keeps us on the path of constant growth and leads us to bring new concepts to our practice. Consequently, we reinforce our commitment to excellence, science and the solution to situations that are challenges. Challenges that potentially offer promising outcomes.

We work in the main market sectors:

  • Agribusiness
  • Vehicles and parts
  • Consumer goods
  • Digital, Technology & Innovation
  • Energy & Chemicals
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Mining & Steel industry


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