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Dasein 23 years

“Before a trend cycle comes to an end, we are already connected
to the next one”

Soundly navigating decades and remaining at the forefront is a rare feat. Whether due to Brazilian obstacles (60% of companies last no longer than five years according to the last IBGE survey) or the dynamic of a market guided by change, where new needs are born and die at the speed of light. Dealing with crises, adapting to transformation, or better still, leading change without losing one’s identity, really are the virtues of those that want to last. This is the case of Dasein.

Constantly attuned to innovation and striving for superior results, rigorously applying international standards of confidentiality and a pioneering spirit are some of the factors that have contributed to the longevity of the company which turns 23 this year, states its CEO Adriana Prates. “Before a trend cycle comes to an end, we are already connected to the next. It is a natural bias of sensemaking and is in fact what enables us to offer a unique and distinguished style of work. We greatly believe in our sensibility and intuition. We understand that the subjective is just as important as the objective. This humane way of viewing the world and people has been with us since our foundation in the 90s and we are keen to preserve this”, she highlights.

Dasein team in celebration of 10 years of company at Imperador Eventos.

According to Adriana, the fact that the partner-founder is leading the way, contributing to guarantee results, is another important factor. “Above all in a world that is increasingly depersonalised, where contacts are made by robots. I involve myself personally in each process, project and all decision-making that requires a more detailed analysis. As our grandparents used to say “the eye of the master fattens the cattle”. A further important point highlighted by Adriana is the special touch that Dasein makes point of inserting in each project. “It is a personal touch of mine and our consultants, something that greatly contributes to services being delivered in a unique manner. Our main commitment is to client satisfaction, therefore we strive to do as much as possible to achieve this”.

In addition to methodologies that are extremely important, yet are part of the basic cycle of a quality project, Adriana points out that the company also draws on innovation with exclusive and customised procedures for all lines of business. “We know that our public doesn’t expect large scale actions; they expect the highest level of effectiveness that has an immediate impact on people, numbers and stakeholders.”

In the opinion of Paulo Ângelo, Dasein advisor and renowned financial and capital market consultant, precisely understanding client needs is another attribute that sets the consultancy’s work apart. In doing so, Dasein avails itself of its years of experience in the market, as well as its national and international relationships throughout the AESC chain, which confers expertise in selecting a top professional who is not only suitably competent but also perfectly aligned with the needs of the client.

Adriana Prates e Daniel Rezende – Dasein 18 years

“I could cite various notable aspects throughout the partnership with Dasein, but I would like to focus on an extremely relevant and rare aspect as it is not only and exclusively a corporate aspect, but an intrinsic value of the CEO Adriana Prates. Her ability to adjust the competencies of a determined professional to the real and most relevant requirements of a company.”

According to Paulo Ângelo, it is not uncommon for an organisation to futilely waste energy by not managing to find the appropriate professional in the market. Meanwhile, Dasein’s effectiveness at repositioning professionals is extremely high. This means that the professional selected by the consultancy is perfectly suited to the hiring companies. “It’s not only a case of a professional having a good/great academic curriculum, it’s about distinguished professionals who will add both intrinsic and extrinsic value to a company, a person suited to their strategic interests”.

For Dasein, an exemplary reputation is the result of being in tune with the needs of today and those of the future. Take a look at our CEO Adriana Prates’ thoughts on key topics of the labour market:

First Dasein team – celebrating 3 years of company. Adriana, Erika, Michele, Amanda and Daniela.

Strict observance of international confidentiality rules

Guarantee complete confidentiality and security of client information ensures Dasein sits alongside the best in the world. Interactions with competitors and partners from around the world means that we see things from a global perspective, such as the need to invest in information security.

Digital identity with a focus on content

Investment in quality information for digital profiles, both for the website and social networks. “To be honest, we are pioneers in our sector in relation to the main social media channels like Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. We are dedicated to shining the light on research, cases and day-to-day affairs that facilitate the life of our followers. In addition, we always add a drop of humour, affection, poetry, art and show that a successful professional is capable of having quality of life outside of the workplace; this reenergises the professional and greatly benefits the company.”

Learning from the younger generations

Dasein retains amongst its portfolio client companies that are led by professionals between the ages of 25 and 35. “They have taught us many things. We have the humility to listen, learn and unlearn with the understanding that with cycles growing ever shorter, we need to be increasingly dynamic and find the right time to offer certain services and discontinue others.”

Mature professionals are also the future

“Many of our positions are filled by professionals over 50 years old. I know market resistance has fallen significantly and it is an important turning point, because the transfer of know-how needs to happen. On one side, young professionals bursting with information, content and diplomas. On the other, professionals that are similarly well-prepared but also know how to deal better with setbacks. They understand better than anybody the importance of having a solid plan B. This interface between young and mature professionals has been synergistic, bringing more happiness and creativity to workplaces that had become very stagnant.”

Robots vs humans

“Artificial intelligence has had a huge impact but also generated uncertainty. Nevertheless, it has stimulated the generation of new positions and a demand for activities that will bring greater gains, as automation will take care of the repetitive, demotivating jobs. In terms of the executive search sector, artificial intelligence is expanding the capacity to generate important results with effective and quick analyses.”

Part of the Dasein team in 2018 – Jordana Alves, Adriana Mata, Adriana Prates e Daniela Cançado.

Home office and more flexible teamwork

“The physical world is full of barriers, filters and restrictions. On the hand, the world of cooperative logic is connected, values results, is more horizontal, and focuses more on the collective, on sharing. In other words, it leaves behind the traditional logic of control and hierarchy, driven by ego. This has a direct and immediate impact on women who are much more motivated to contribute to company teams as there now exists a greater emphasis on making an effective contribution rather than just being part of the work environment. The exponential increase in co-working spaces are proof of how companies are in fact betting on these solutions, as they understand that by exposing their executives to people of culture, habits and different customs makes them more creative, productive and happy. Everybody wins with happiness in the workplace.”


“The service provided by Dasein was very professional and accurate. The whole team demonstrated a very high level of seriousness and commitment to our need and the final result completely met our expectations. We are extremely satisfied with the work of Dasein and we recommend the company to anybody who wishes to invest in key people to improve their businesses.”

André Albuquerque, Director of Grupo Meia Sola.

“We have worked with Dasein for almost a decade and I have had the privilege of receiving excellent executive-search and coaching services. The team, under the competent leadership of Adriana, has always been very professional and focused on the needs of Largo. In fact, this is a strength. I remember, on the first occasion that we worked together (I was at another company), Adriana personally went to visit our operational unit, talked with the team and sat in on some work meetings, ultimately obtaining a really understanding of the company culture. It wasn’t a surprise that the result was the best imaginable and we have since developed a partnership which continues to help us today.”

Paulo Misk, President of Largo Resources Brasil.

“The novel ‘O Feijão e o Sonho’ (The Bean and The Dream) by Orígenes Lessa suggests that we need food (the bean) to keep not only the body but also the dream alive to more complete and happier. What has really stood out during my relationship with Dasein is the impeccable execution of eminently technical actions, such as the selection of people to assume certain vital positions within a company, self-knowledge assessments of leaders and/or coaching to improve their performance. Furthermore, in developing technical actions with concrete objectives, Dasein adopts an approach which provides space to reflect on the purposes of life, and about the importance of the executive being fully committed to the company, their team and their biggest personal desires. In my opinion, “resolved” leaders are more open to understanding others, to collaborate, embrace and lead their team with charisma. Any executive who has the opportunity to work with Dasein will certainly be encouraged to identify what makes their eyes light up and walk their paths with more assertiveness, focus, happiness and less physical and emotional distress. Leaders who are more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their inextricable human conditions (permeated with desires and contradictions) become the masters of their personal and professional trajectories, generating gains for their employers via the more harmonious and successful actions of their leaders.”

Laurindo Leal, Scientific Director of the Vale Institute of Technology

“Availability, readiness, technical ability, consistency, presentation of top candidates and well-structured information are very important for a client to feel comfortable in any recruitment process, mainly C-level ones. The above was clear during the development of our partnership with Dasein. There is always a feeling of tension within the hiring company when its necessary to change somebody who is underperforming, particularly when we enter into a new partnership. Dasein brought credibility, for the executives of HR and those of the requesting area, clearly minimising this tension on any occasion they delivered.”

Priscilla Neves, Corporate Manager of Internal Consultancy at Hermes Pardini.

“In a country in which 5 years after being established, 60% of the companies close down, commemorating 23 years of business, is no small feat. It is through a lot of hard work, dedication, ethics and the construction of lasting relationships that companies like Dasein are able to build their reputation and consolidate their market presence year after year. In addition to having participated in recruitment processes, I’ve previously worked at Dasein and understand the seriousness and impartiality with which the processes are carried out.”

Pedro Ferreira, Sales Manager at Líder Aviação



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