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Executive Board

Luzete Campolina - Dasein | Executive Search

Dasein Head of Operations.

She loves her pets, exploring the world and learning about different cultures.

Throughout the last 25 years, she participated in strategic and multidisciplinary projects involving the areas of PMO, Change Management, IMS and Health and Safety, Organizational Culture, Leadership Consulting and Executive Search. She has professional experience in the positions of Manager and HR Specialist in companies in the Mining, Hospital, Automotive and Education sectors, such as Samarco, Hospital Felício Rocho, FCA and Colégio Santo Agostinho.

She is a business psychologist with specializations in Human Resources Strategic Management and Technology and Quality Management from CEFET/MG, Neuroscience from UFMG and corporate education from USP.

Since August 2019, she has worked at Dasein in Executive Search, Leadership Consulting, and she develops specific tools for management, team development and training. She is a senior consultant in strategic consulting practices, and she works on customized projects for the clients.


Executive Board

Adriana Prates

Dasein Executive Search President and Founder. More information
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Daniel Rezende

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Luzete Campolina

Dasein Head of Operations. More information
Equipe: Luzete Campolina


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