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Por Que Dasein

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Early on in our history, we chose the name Dasein.

But why Dasein?

The word ‘dasein’ has its origins in the German language and expresses a concept from philosopher Martin Heidegger: you are the change agent for your own life story, meaning you have the ‘power to be’.

At Dasein, we take command of our story and of our future. Amidst endless changes in the global arena, markets and socioeconomic conditions, we understand ourselves, we adapt, we evolve and grow, always supported by the triad: technology, knowledge and results.

The humanist approach is our cornerstone. It allows us to understand people and organizations at a deep level, enabling us to identify those who take responsibility for their choices and are willing to experience and develop to their full potential.

Thus, by seeking people who command their own stories and influence their surroundings, we will continue to write success stories.


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