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The power to be.

Developing capabilities.

Understanding human beings.

Broadening possibilities.

Our work at Dasein, across all of our services, is based on the theoretical knowledge of great thinkers. We seek to understand people and organizations and their power to be change agents – identifying, mapping and enhancing skills, and promoting harmonious, synergistic relationships between individuals and organizations. We are people who work with people, focusing on success.

From Heidegger, the fundamental relationship between man, his world and his time. Always ask questions. Reflect. Know yourself, and then evolve among the endless possibilities we can choose in our search for self-realization and the achievement of our goals.
From Sartre, the conviction that understanding ourselves and our presence in the world is a process that defines us on the path that we ourselves create.
From Freud, intelligence, used to dominate instincts and unconscious motivations. The knowledge of man, to always achieve our best as individuals.
From Carl Rogers, the certainty that each individual is unique, with a capacity to know himself, change himself, improve himself, building his identity and reaching full potential.
From Skinner, the study of human behavior and the power to make change, through a dynamic that also results in self change.
From Moreno, the importance of action and attitude – the great change-making instruments.

At Dasein Executive Search, all of these theories inspire the development of our processes, methodologies and services.


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