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At Dasein Executive Search, coaching is conducted by experienced and qualified consultants, empowering executives to reach their full potential in their current position or to help them achieve a promotion and excel at a higher level.

The use of coaching contributes to skill development and enhancement, resulting in leaders who are more effective and emotionally stable. Coaching also creates resources to systematize problem-solving and improve the ability to manage adversity.

Research has proven that the return on this sort of investment is real and fast, being considered at least seven times greater than the initial investment.

From an objective view, the coaching process considerably improves an individual’s relationships at all levels and interfaces. It also increases the coachee’s level of professional commitment through the identification of ‘gaps’, via feedback and solid diagnosis, helping the individual become aware of the need for change. Subjective analysis, which often distances the coachee from personal goals, ideas and life purpose, is always avoided.

The coaching process exists to remind each person that there are ways of changing potential into results and possibilities into reality. After all, being an effective leader, an efficient negotiator, having above-average performance, making decisions, balancing career and personal life, and being able to achieve goals are all skills that one learns. And they can be performed increasingly effectively with the support of an executive coach.

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