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Como Trabalhamos Metodologia
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The assessment process at Dasein Executive Search is an exclusive diagnostic process that assesses competencies, behavior and potential, using an internationally-certified methodology for profile mapping. This gives the company a modern, transparent and ethical image and enables it to undertake competency-based management.

To verify and map the set of competencies held by individuals or by a group of professionals within a company;
To analyze the alignment of these skills with those required by the organization, in relation to the present capabilities and future potential of the individual.

Understanding an individual’s uniqueness and identifying at what moment each will be at his or her best professionally;
Developing a career plan based on a reliable diagnostic point of reference;
Avoiding a hasty recruitment or dismissal;
Providing inputs necessary for leadership development and succession plans;
Directing customized planning in the investment of training and identification of common group requirements;
Identifying the need for Coaching, Mentoring or Counselling;
Strengthening commitment by encouraging self-management;
Identifying high-potential professionals to generate an internal talent database.

It can be used by organizations for internal selection processes involving employee promotions or relocations, as well as competency mapping;
It can be used for new recruitments during external selection processes.

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D-Competencies® Exclusive System

D-Competencies® is a results management system for evaluation processes, which we offer exclusively to our clients. It provides complete managerial reports with individual and group performance indicators and comparative charts in a fast, accessible and highly secure format, including password-restricted areas.

It is not enough to simply measure results. The results must be shared and your team motivated to be agents of change.

How can this be done?

Dasein’s Development Feedback Methodology was developed very carefully to provide participants with a safe environment in which to broaden their self-knowledge and awareness in order to prioritize areas of greatest relevance, thus ensuring the improvement of individual and group performance.

What can be achieved in using this tool?
Increased self-confidence and motivation through a transparent evaluation process that provides participants with requirements for growth.
Clear, neutral identification of strengths and potential, with support for action plan development.
Support for studies of organizational climate, professional development programs and interpersonal communication.
Fostering improvement of team relationships and contributing to the attraction and retention of professionals.

Dasein is a proud member of AESC.
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